Elderberries – the new weapon against winter chills?
A tiny black berry is being touted as the new go-to weapon in the war against winter chills. Should it?
If it’s an elderberry we’re talking about, then quite possibly. They’ve been used in traditional medicine for centuries, often as a first line defence against winter nasties and now it seems science is catching up. Studies show elderberries not only provide powerful immune system support prior to catching a winter chill but should one take hold, are especially good at supporting the body during the recovery stage. What are elderberries? Black Elderberries are the small, round fruit of the elder tree (Sambucus) found throughout Europe, North America and Asia. The flowers are pale cream or white and are known as elderflowers while the berries themselves are deep blue, almost black. It’s this colour that hints at why they’re such an important addition to our winter wellness routine. Why elderberries provide powerful support both before and after attack. The reason black elderberries are able to provide so much immune support is due to their unusually high antioxidant

properties, specifically phytonutrient flavonoids called anthocyanins. While other deep blue, black or red berries also have anthocyanins, elderberries blow much of the competition away. They have nearly five times the amount found in blueberries and nearly 40 times the amount found in cranberries.  Anthocyanins act as a natural antioxidant that supports the body’s cells from the potential damage caused by free-radicals. The net result is that immune systems are better prepared before a winter chill takes hold and better able to defend against one if it occurs.

While there are a few black elderberry formulas to choose from in New Zealand, it’s a good idea to look for those made from Sambucus nigra (Black elderberry as opposed to red) and ideally ones that benefit from extraction methods that better preserve their anthocyanin content. Sambucol® is a great option. In every Sambucol Original Liquid 120ml bottle you’ll find the equivalent of up to 1000 elderberries. Plenty of support for you and the whole family!

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